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My ultimate Venus Factor Review


Venus factorLosing weight and becoming slim and sexy again is always a daunting task for most women out there. For the past few years I had been struggling with weight loss and not for the lack of trying. I have done weight loss pills, exercise and sometimes even starved myself but to be honest I couldn’t see any results of note until I discovered the Venus Factor. First of all let me introduce myself.


My name is Lucy Stewart from Jacksonville, Florida and for the past few months I have been using the Venus Factor, a nutrition and exercise guide that is actually designed for women. In this review I will be sharing with you my experience over the last few months with the Venus Factor as well as offer you some information to help you lose weight fast by taking advantage of this program. I was introduced to the Venus factor by a friend in January but I was a little hesitant at first.


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However after I had tried everything I knew I had nothing to lose and so I gave it a shot. That was probably the best decision I have ever made and to be fair the progress I have made in cutting down excessive pounds has been outstanding. Most women out there know they need to get back to shape and based on my experience so far I don’t think there is any better solution in the market there that beats the Venus Factor.

Venus factor

What is the Venus Factor?

In the most basic of terms, the Venus Factor is a diet and exercise program that is designed to help women lose weight faster. The program is designed to fit the modern woman and gives you prime access to simple and effective techniques to lose weight without any hassles at all. The program comes with easy to follow sample meal plans as well as daily exercise regimens all designed to help women burn as much calories as possible every day.


The guide provides both muscle toning and cardio exercise and has been a huge revelation for women across the world keen on losing some pounds and getting back to shape. I for one believe that the Venus factor is one of the easiest yet very effective diet and exercise plan for weight loss.



How does the Venus Factor work?

One of the biggest questions most women ask about the Venus Factor is actually how it works. For the few months I have been using this program I have come to realize that losing weight is simple and in fact it’s all about having the necessary information and the discipline needed to put that information to use. All the same, the Venus factor is a very simple program that is divided into three major parts all of which have been highlighted here below.


Effective workout and exercise program Venus factorone of the most important parts of the Venus Factor is actually its structured and effective exercise and work out program. As you know by now losing weight requires regular workouts and in light of this the structured exercise program offered by the Venus Factor should come handy for you. What I love about this workout regimen is that it’s so simple and therefore it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone to follow on a day to day basis.


Diet and nutrition plan knowing what to eat and in what proportions is also a very crucial element in weight loss but sadly not all of us have the information we need to develop a quality and effective diet and nutrition plan for the purposes of losing weight. However, with the Venus Factor weight loss program you get a comprehensive diet and nutrition plan designed to complement the exercise and workout program the best way possible. I personally felt in love with the sample meal plans that to this day have become part and parcel of my daily routine. The diet and nutrition plan is very important and Venus factorshould always be followed.


Support finally, the Venus Factors also offers great support to ensure that you get all the information and motivation you need to continue with the program until the end. The guide comes with a mobile app that can allow you to access a broad diversity of quality exercise plans as well as diet and nutrition tips from its virtual nutritionist. In addition to this, the app also gives you prime access to the Venus Factor private community where you can share and engage with other women like you trying to lose weight. That way you can be properly motivated and inspired to keep up until you achieve the desired weight.





The Venus factor based on my experience over the last few months has a number of advantages compared to other weight loss programs in the market and in fact, some of these pros are highlighted here below.

It’s so easy to use one of the great things I like about the Venus Factor is its simplicity. The diet plans feature tasty and everyday meals that will always make your day. In addition to this, the exercise plans are very easy and you actually don’t need to go to the gym, you can do them at home. In that case, you get to enjoy life as it is and still cut down some pounds in the process.

It’s very cheap when you compare the cost of the Venus factor to the other exercise programs available in the market you will realize that this is one of the cheapest and most effective weight loss solutions out there. Keep in mind that you also save greatly on gym membership fees.

You don’t have to starve yourself finally, it is also important to note that unlike most exercise programs the Venus Factor gives you diet plans that are based on whole foods with very few calories. In light of this, you don’t have to stop eating just to lose weight.Venus factor



For most women who have used or are using the Venus Factor exercise and diet program then you will agree with me that finding a weakness in this program might be close to impossible. One thing that I feel though is a shortcoming is the amount of discipline needed to get the best out of this program. To be fair not all women can put in the work and commitment needed by the program on a day to day basis.



The Verdict

Losing weight is definitely not easy and having a program that understands that is very important. The Venus Factor is designed to help women sculpt and tone their body by losing fat and gaining some muscle in specific areas. The program combines effective diet and work-out programs and is one of the best weight loss solutions in the market at the moment.

Venus factor

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